1. How do you prefer for us to communicate? Via Phone, Text, or Email? 

  2. Do you have Pinterest inspirations for your space? If so, send them to us before we get started! 

  3. What are the biggest challenges of your home/space? 

  4. What room/space is missing that you wish you had? 

  5. Where is your "dumping ground"? {the place you drop stuff that has no place to be} What do you keep there? 

  6. What do you often "lose" around the house? 

  7. What are a few things you want to get rid of? 

  8. Are there a few things you refuse to get rid of? 

  9. If you have a collection, what is it? 

  10. What are you hobbies? What do you like to do most in your free time? 

  11. Does anyone in your home have a physical or psychological limitation that must be considered when organizing your home? If so, please describe. 

  12. Do you have a storage unit outside of your home? If so, what is mostly in it? 

  13. How often is the home routinely cleaned? 

  14. How long have you lived in this home? 

  15. Why do you want your home to be organized? 

  16. Where would you like to begin first?