As a team we all bring different strengths and ideas to a job.      (left to right) 

  • Ashley- She is our handy woman with a background in event planning. Never afraid to just get in there and get started. 

  • Nikki- She is our knowledgeable one. She has a solution for the trickiest of spaces. 

  • Liz- Well....I'm Liz. A wise person once told me to hire for my weaknesses. So although I do a little bit of everything, I know to lean in on these gals! 

  • Mary- She is our people & words girl! She loves learning about our clients so she can best serve them.  

  • Carly- She is our minimalist but definitely the decorator of the group. She has such an eye for photography, too. 

  • Sarah- She is our eclectic vision with a background in social work. She has such an attention to the details.