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Moving Checklist

2-3 Months Before

  • Start a moving binder. Use it to keep track of important dates, receipts, lists. 

  • Set a moving budget. 

  • Find your movers and acquire estimates

  • Need to ship a car? Start researching transport services now. 

  • Start gathering important records such as tax, mortgage, legal, & utility bills. 

  • If you’re renting, notify your landlord. And find out how you can get your security deposit back. 

6-8 Weeks Before

  • Finalize plans with movers. Sign a contract to finalize price & dates. 

  • Make arrangements for moving day. 

    • PTO. Childcare. Pet sitting. Make sure your pet is up to date on vaccines and microchipped in case they get out during the move. 

    • Declutter. Don’t waste time moving items you don’t really want or need! 

    • Start with storage spaces like attic, garage, and closets. 

    • Take donation items. I prefer Manna House (210 W Avenue F Midlothian, TX) 

    • Host a garage sale. Or sale large items on local BST groups. 

    • Rent a temporary storage space (helpful for home staging) 

    • Check new school enrollment process. Have documents ready. 

One Month Prior

    • You can buy new especially for valuables and breakables. But you can absolutely find used ones from BST, Box Dibs, Local Retailers or grocery stores, amazon shipments. 

    • An average 3 bedroom house needs 30 medium boxes, 10 large boxes, 10 XL boxes, 3 rolls of tape, & 6 lbs of packing paper. 

  • Create a moving box inventory to keep track of your boxes. 

  • Start Packing! 

  • Pack Valuable. Keep these items separate to be transported with you on moving day. 

  • Prep a moving day essential kit. 

    • An overnight suitcase, clean bedding & pillows, toolkit, cleaning supplies, paper, pen, tape, scissors, phone charger, bluetooth speaker, snacks, and drinks. 

  • Start a shopping list of items you need to buy for your new place. Think through the layout of your new home and how you want it organized for the long run. 

  • Dispose of flammable or corrosive items you cannot move. 

3 weeks before

  • Prep furniture. Dismantle and wrap pieces you won’t need for the next 3 weeks. 

  • Pack the kitchen. Consider stocking up on paper goods so you can wrap most of your dishes. 

  • Pack home decor. Remove nails & screws and repair the holes. 

  • Pack out-of-season clothes. 

  • Complete a change of address form here: 

  • If you will be using a housekeeper to deep clean your new and/or old home schedule that. Same with any lawn service.

  • Prepare the kids. Moving can be a huge transition for kids and sometimes a little scary. Find a moving book like Boomers Big Day or Katie Moves to ease their fears. And try to bring in some fun. Picnic on the floor when the furniture is out of the way! Use the boxes as a bunker in a nerf fun war. 

  • Schedule shut off & turn on utilities. Remember many times they require someone to be present during turn on. And they often will not schedule these for over the weekend. Check out to make this process as simple as possible! Internet, Gas, Electric, Water, Phones, Sewer, Trash, etc. 

2 weeks before

  • Revisit your moving binder. Update your moving box inventory & add any new documents. 

  • Meal plan. Plan meals for the final 2 weeks to clean out your refrigerator. 

  • Grab the essentials. Refill prescriptions. 

  • Return borrowed items like library books or neighbors’ belongings. 

  • Tune up vehicles. Check tires, oil, etc. 

1 week before

  • Reconfirm moving plans with friends and movers. 

  • Send your new address to your contact list. Accountant, Lawyer, Drs, bank, credit cards, health insurance, church, pharmacy, 

  • Adjust important accounts like insurance & banking. 

  • Drain water hoses to let dry. And oil/gas from lawn equipment. 

  • Measure doorways to make sure furniture will fit. 

  • Transfer important records like school & medical. 

  • When you call cable or internet to cancel/transfer double check your own your router or modem before you pack them. 

  • Adjust subscription services like Amazon, Chewy, StitchFix, magazines, etc. 

  • Prep remaining furniture. Dismantle & wrap. 

  • Complete last minute packing. 

  • Finalize your moving box inventory. 

  • Prep appliances. Unplug and clean any appliances that are making the move. 

  • Clean your current home. 

  • Get cash from the bank to tip your movers. 

  • Leave a note for the new homeowners so they can forward stray mail. Leave them any HOA records, manuals, etc. 

  • If your your refrigerator is making the move, defrost it 24-48 hours in advance and deep clean so it doesn’t start to smell. 

On Moving Day 

  • Pack valuables in your care. Children’s lovies, important documents, & jewelry are with you for safekeeping. 

  • Keep movers on task. Help them follow your moving box inventory. 

  • Do a final walkthrough. 

  • Pay the movers and don’t forget to tip. 

  • Pop some bubbly! You did it! Moving is not easy work- celebrate! 

  • Deep clean your new home. 

Soon After Moving Day 

  • Register your car(s) 

  • Update your license. 

  • Register for schools with your new official address. 

  • Revisit that shopping list and purchase items for your new home. 

  • Pick up any mail that was on hold at the post office. 

  • File moving receipts and documents. 

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