•With all of our services we will take your donation items to Manna House. (Please let us know if you need a donation receipt.)

•For areas outside of our 30 minute drive from Midlothian, we charge our normal hourly rate for additional travel time.

•We offer evening & weekend at our overtime rate.


Let's meet and get started! This is a great time for us to take a look at the space, get measurements, talk budget, etc. From here we decide which service would be best for your needs and get your session scheduled. $50 is the price for our consultation which typically lasts around 45 minutes-1 hour.  

If you would prefer a FREE consultation we can schedule a FaceTime call instead. 


We are a team of 6 professional organizers so we can complete a larger space more efficiently or complete more than one space at a time.  

$100 per hour for 2 organizers

$145 per hour for 3 organizers

$190 per hour for 4 organizers 

$235 per hour for 5 organizers 

(4 hour minimum each day) 

Here is a time estimate for most spaces but a face-to-face consultation may allow for a more accurate estimate. 

•Master Closet & Dresser with hanger switch (2 days. 2-3 organizers for 10-12 hours)  

•Master Closet & Dresser without hanger switch (2-3 organizers for 5-6 hours) 

•Kids Closet & Dresser with hanger switch. (2 organizers for 4-5 hours) 

•Pantry (2-3 organizers for 5-6 hours)

•Kitchens (2-3 organizers for 4-6 hours) 

•Smaller spaces like a bathroom, mudroom, laundry room, or hall closet. (2 organizer for 4 hours) 

• Larger, tedious spaces such as an Office, Playroom, Craft Room, or Photo Organizing (2-3 organizers for 4-6 hours) 

•Garages/Attics. We pause these spaces from June-August. (3-4 organizers, 5-6 hours, 1-3 days) 

•Elfa or Boaxel Install. (2 organizers for 3-5 hours) 

•Shopping Services per space. $45/hour and most spaces take 2-4 hours. 


Some people have a monthly house cleaning service. But what I have found is that many people NEED a monthly organizing service. Each month we will concentrate on a different area of your home . 

Each month 2 organizers will work in your home for 4 hours for $375. Committing to 6 months or more saves you $25/session! (Please keep in mind this might not be enough time to complete the space. This is a great package for someone interested in doing some homework, saving some money, and staying consistent with touching different spaces in their home.)

Here is an example of one year to an organized home: 

January- Kitchen Cabinets & Drawers 

February- Pantry  

March- Master Bathroom 

April- Master Closet

May- Office

June- Laundry Room 

July-  Kid #1 Closet/Dresser

August- Kid #2 Closet/Dresser

September- Playroom 

October- Garage 

November- Christmas decorating--That's right we can help you get your home and tree set!! 

December- Attic/Storage (to prepare for holiday decor to be put away) 


Are you needing just a little guidance to get organized without us coming and doing it for you? 

  • Send us a few pictures and goals for the space.

  • Then we will set up a face-time call to talk through some specifics which will take around 30 minutes.

  • After our call, I will send a list of recommended supplies, a to-do list, and a sketch to help guide you. 

  • Lastly, let’s follow up on your progress. 

$100 for DIY Organizing


Do you have a family member or friend you would like to gift our services to? Yay! What a great gift!! All gift certificates are a $50 minimum.