I will help you meet your needs to go from Chaos to Organized

*With all of my services I will take your donation items to Manna House. Please let me know if you need a donation receipt.

*All of these services do not include the organizational materials you may need. Some spaces can be organized with a Dollar Tree budget while others may need more design and quality. But I always take your budget into consideration. I will give suggestions for recommended products you can easily purchase online. But full service shopping for your spaces will be an additional $30/hour. 

*For areas outside of our 30 mile radius (up to 50 miles), I charge a flat $25 travel fee for our extra time & gas. I also have many other organizing professionals I can recommend to you if you're too far. 

Here is a time estimate for most spaces but a face-to-face consultation may allow for a more accurate estimate: 

Master Closet (2 organizers for 5-6 hours)

Master Dresser Drawers (1 organizer for 3-4 hours) 

Pantry (1 organizer for 4-5 hours) 

Spice Decanting (1 organizer for 1-2 hours) 

Large Kitchens (1-2 organizers for 5 hours) 

Laundry/Mudroom (1 organizer for 4 hours) 

Elfa Installation not including organizing (1-2 organizers for 3-5 hours depending on size) 

Kid's Closet (1 organizer for 4 hours) 

Kid's Dresser Drawers (1 organizer for 1-2 hours) 

Bathroom (1 organizer for 4 hours) 

Playroom (1-2 organizers for 4-5 hours) 

Office (1-2 organizers for 4-5 hours)  

Garages (2-3 organizers, 5-6 hours, 2 days. We pause garages during summer.) 


Let's meet and get started! This is a great time for us to take a look at the space, get measurements, discuss your wants, brainstorm, talk budget, etc. From here we can decide which service would be best for your needs! $35 for the consultation which typically lasts around 30 minutes. If your time is precious and you cannot meet face-to-face for a consultation we can do a FaceTime consultation, too.


This is great if you need someone to come in and do it all for you! It's amazing how quickly a space can be transformed to work more efficiently.

1. Let's start with a consultation to see the area(s).

2. After our consultation, we will follow up with some suggestions for organization items to purchased online for your space. 
3. The next visit we will get started in your space. This is something I can do on my own or we can do together. When we finish I will take any donations with me to Manna House. 

I do keep some generic organizational items on hand with me.  {But additional shopping in stores for specific items will be $30 per hour.} 

$50 per hour (3 hour minimum)


We are a team of 3 professional organizers and we can work together to organize or unpack even faster if you're on a deadline or anxious to get organized. Or if you would like 2-3 spaces complete at once for a discounted rate. 

$90 per hour for 2 organizers

$135 per hour for 3 organizers

(3 hour minimum each day) 


This is by far our most popular package. 

Some people have a monthly house cleaning service. But what I have found is that many people NEED a monthly organizing service. Each month I will tackle a different area of your home . 

Each month 1 organizer will work in your home for 4 hours- $180. {Committing to 6 months or more saves you $20 per session.} 

Some jobs may take 5-6 hours to complete. Please let us know if you want us to stay longer and finish the job or if your budget only allows for 4 hours each month. We can assign some homework before and after the session to help keep our time within 4 hours if you prefer. 

Here is an example if you would like 1 year to an organized home! (but we are flexible to your needs): 

January- Kitchen Cabinets & Drawers 

February- Pantry  

March- Master Bathroom 

April- Master Closet

May- Office

June- Linen Closet & Laundry Room 

July-  Kids #1 Closet/Bedroom

August- Playroom

September- Kids #2 Closet/Bedroom

October- Garage 

November- Christmas decorating--That's right we can help you get your home and tree set!! 

December- Attic/Storage (to prepare for holiday decor to be put away) 


We would love to assist you with staging, unpacking, and organizing your new home. Wouldn't you love to set your new home RIGHT the first time? With every moving client we provide a binder to make the process as seamless as possible. (Moving tips, timeline, utilities change sheet, calendar, measurements, etc)

We recommend Curtis Specialized Moving for your moving needs.

$50 per hour


Send us a few pictures and goals for the space via text/email. We will schedule a time to chat where we will guide you on my suggestions. After our call, we will send a to-do list to help you tackle the job on your own.

$50 for a 1 hour Facetime/DIY session. 30 minutes for the 


Do you have a family or friend you would like to gift my services to? We can absolutely do that! $50 gift certificate minimum


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